Contact Management Report

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A contact management report helps to track a major gifts officer's interactions with donors. The report will contain pertinent information such as:

  • Name of Donor
  • Time of contact
  • Type of contact (in person meeting, phone call, email, letter, social media)
  • Summary of the interaction with the donor
  • Planned time for next contact
  • Donor's contact information or donor ID number

A contact management report can often be generated by the donor database, so long as the information is being faithfully entered into the system.

Why do you need a contact management report?

The reasons for this report are two fold. The first is for accountability. The contact management report demonstrates what activities the major donor officer is accomplishing in order to raise their funding target.

The second reason is that human memory is fallible. A major gifts officers with 100 active donors is unlikely to be able to remember the last conversation they had with each of their donors. The contact management report keeps that information close at hand to make building the donor relationship easier for the officer.

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