Face to Face Fundraising

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Raising money right out in public

Face to Face Fundraising comes in many different forms, but each has one thing in common - a direct ask made in person. The most basic kind of Face to Face fundraising is street canvassing, where fundraisers take to crowded city sidewalks and try to engage with people walking past. Other types of face to face fundraising include

The type of face to face fundraising that you'll most likely recognize is the Salvation Army's Christmas bell ringers. With more than a century's practice, it has become a standard feature of the holiday season in many countries around the world.


Long before direct mail fundraising started, face to face fundraising was well established. Its roots go back to mendicant religious orders begging for alms in the middle ages and beyond. The key thing that separates face to face fundraising from simple begging is that the fundraiser is raising money for someone else. The beggar, God bless him, seeks merely to find his daily bread.

Principles of face to face fundraising

The main principles of face to face fundraising have not changed much in the intervening centuries, though they have certainly been refined.

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