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Welcome to the Fundraiser Wiki

The Mission

The Fundraiser Wiki seeks to be the best resource for fundraisers of all skill levels on the web.

The Vision

Fundraisers have many different ways of raising money for their endeavors. This wiki will be a home for:

  • Fundamental principles of fundraising
  • Best practices for different kinds of fundraising
  • Reviews of books that focus on fundraising practice
  • Case studies of actual fundraising programs showing what happens when best practices meet the real world
  • Profiles of fundraising writers and consultants

The initial focus of the Fundraiser Wiki is going to be fundraising for non-profits, churches, and charitable ministries. At some point, the site will begin including fundraising best practices for the political realm and the for-profit world.

Our Philosophy

The content in the Fundraiser Wiki is shared under a Creative Commons License Attribution Share-Share Alike Unported 3.0 license. I want visitors and content creators to be able to use, remix, and profit by the information contained in this wiki. That's really the whole point. If fundraisers (including paid consultants) contribute a case study or best practice to the wiki, they will have the opportunity to create a consultant profile with links to their materials and web properties. The exception to this are predatory companies that do not actually do fundraising but rather pyramid or ponzi types schemes. Bad and illegal practices will be purged from the site, as will companies that promote these bad practices.

The Almoner's Fundraiser Wiki is particularly targeted at Christians and fundraising in a church or ministerial settings. Some articles will have references to Christian spirituality, prayer, religious practices, etc. The goal is for the information on general fundraising to be the best anywhere, but to also include a faith perspective that is largely lacking in the world at large. It is the Almoner's firm belief that faith matters, and can be discussed reasonably and charitably by mature adults who hold differing opinions.

Writing Style

The writing style of the FundraiserWiki is not intended to mimic the more formal style seen on Wikipedia. Footnotes are great, but so is anecdotal evidence. Fundraising is as much an art as it is a science, and as such, excellent fundraisers will have differing opinions on the best way to approach any certain question. The FundraiserWiki seeks to be both descriptive and prescriptive. Descriptive means that it seeks to define and explain key terms and best practices as they stand in the industry. Prescriptive means that it seeks to offer suggestions about what has worked for other fundraisers. So instead of trying to put only one authoritative approach, it is acceptable write about the subtle differences that make fundraising such an adventure.

Each broad category will have a page specifically devoted to samples and case studies of that type of fundraising. I hope that this will grow to be a world class resource for people who are looking for new ideas to raise the money that they need to accomplish something good.

Affiliate Links

To help defray the cost of hosting the Fundraiser Wiki, certain links on the site will be affiliate links which will provide a small commission at no cost to the purchaser. Only affiliate links created by the site webmaster will be allowed to remain on the site. Affiliate links posted by other contributors will be changed. Affiliate links will be clearly identified when present.

From the Wikimaster

Starting the Fundraiser Wiki has been a dream of mine for several years. When I first started the, it was my dream to start a wiki filled with fundraising best practices. Unfortunately, the technical side of starting a wiki far exceeded my skill. So I started a Wordpress site and focused on creating content. After several years of work and the creation of the Fundraiser's Playbook in Wordpress, the time for the wiki arrived.