Knights of Columbus

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The Knights of Columbus is an international Catholic men's organization based in the United States. The Knights boast more than 1.9 million members organized into more than 14,000 local councils. The Knights started in 1882 with a mission of caring for the poor members of local parishes by providing life insurance to members, many of whom worked in the dangerous industrial conditions of the late 19th century.

Now the Knights continue their mission of providing insurance products to the faithful and also help to organize the charitable and volunteer efforts of Catholic men around the world. They are noted for being active in parish life, helping to coordinate events for families and children. They also raise money for the Church through various activities.

Fundraising Activities

The Knights of Columbus host a variety of different fundraising activities in the parish. Each local council decides the types and number of fundraisers that they do during the course of the year. The size of the fundraiser typically depends on the size of the parish and the level of involvement by the council membership.

Typical councils focus on event fundraising and charitable enterprise fundraising.