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One way corporations give to non-profits is through a rewards programs. This is a type of cause marketing campaign. The basic premise is that a small portion of sales will go to a charity designated by the customer. For example, promotes the Amazon Smile program that sends a small percentage of qualifying purchases to the donor's favorite charity. Charities get a little money, the customer gets a warm fuzzy, and the company makes both the customer and the non-profits happy by doing something that doesn't cost the shareholders much.

Typically, the financial gains from rewards programs will be less than $1,000, unless you have a lot of really active supporters. This means that it might make sense for a smaller ministry, but should not be the focus of any paid development officers. Put information about it on your website, but it's not likely to make enough money to earn a large investment of time or money.

Examples of Rewards Programs
Kroger Rewards

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