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Please use the following format to add your vendor listing to the Fundraiser Wiki. Any materials uploaded will be subject to a Creative Commons Attribution Sharealike license. Vendors who Create a vendor profile are encouraged to share materials with a case study by creating a case study and demonstrate their capabilities.

To create your vendor profile, first create a login and verify your email address. This will give you permission to create a new page and edit the FundraiserWiki. Then search for the page you would like to create using the format "Vendor:Your Company Name". If the page doesn't exist in the FundraiserWiki, you will be given the option to create the new page. Create the new page and use the following template as a starting point.

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If you create a vendor profile, please consider adding a link to the FundraiserWiki on your website.

Sample Format

This vendor profile is maintained by the vendor and will contain promotional materials.

Organization Name:

Years in operation:

Organization website:

Geographic Area Served:

Social Media handles:

Principal Staff and contact information (if desired):

Preferred contact method:

Fundraising Services Description:

Type of fundraising services provided: (Direct mail, major gift, event, capital campaign)

Description of fundraising program services:

Sample Clients:

Example materials: List links to any fundraising case studies that you have created in the FundraiserWiki.

At the end of your case study add a category for your case study using the format:

[[Category:Vendor Profile:Annual Fundraising Plan]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Charitable Enterprises]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Corporate Giving]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Direct Mail]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Email Fundraising]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Events]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Food Drive]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Grant Writing]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Major Gifts]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Online Fundraising]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Phone Fundraising]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Planned Giving]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Team Fundraising]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Offertory]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Personal Ministry Fundaraising]]
[[Category:Vendor Profile:Stewardship]]